La linea oberta

La linea oberta

La caixa linia oberta

CaixaBank has online banking, which can be used to carry out practically any type of transaction you need: transfers, consult transactions, payments, etc. The CaixaBank online service, also known as CaixaBankNow (formerly known as Línea Abierta de La Caixa), is accessible directly through the financial institution’s website. You only need to be a CaixaBank customer and have an associated card as a customer.
In addition, for greater convenience, you can also access from the CaixaBank App. This way, you have access to your account operations anywhere and at any time, you only need to have an internet connection.
Access to Línea Abierta CaixaBank for companies is identical to that for individuals. Simply go to the corporate area of the website. You will again find the access fields in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
It is fast and agile so you can do it from the internet whenever you want. You can remember old transfers so you don’t have to enter the account again or schedule them periodically or on time so that they arrive when you want. It is also possible for the recipient to receive a notice of arrival.

Caixa bank now

Caixabank, the current name of La Caixa, is a financial group based on the universal banking model. Its objective, through innovation and excellence, is the opening of ways to meet all the financial needs of individuals and entrepreneurs. Through this complete guide, we take you step by step through La Caixa: products, services and online applications, customer service, branches, advantages and user opinions.
Its growth since its foundation is due to its faithful commitment to being a universal entity. Its wide range of banking products and services includes everything from loans, cards, savings and deposits to stock exchange, insurance and renting.
Within the accounts of La Caixa, all of them have a series of peculiarities depending on the financial objective pursued. As in any bank, each one is oriented to an age or activity segment. Among them, the La Caixa Now Account stands out:
CaixaBank has a mortgage service. The bank has the CasaFácil product, a type of mortgage loan in which they offer guarantees of advice from the first minute, in addition to other benefits:

La caixa online

As you may know, imaginBank is CaixaBank’s mobile entity, its Current Account (the one you have now) has no commissions, works through the phone, is associated with a free debit card and offers numerous discounts on leisure, travel, etc.
So, you would have had to sign up for another product when you passed the age limit anyway. By opening the account with imaginBank you directly avoid the interim period in which you would probably have to pay fees.
I do not understand the change of account then, because I have just turned 20 and I have changed everything, card and app to see my account and my parents for example only the card and can continue to get into the normal app of la caixa. In the nearest Caixa they don’t even know why.
If you want to manage your account from your mobile you will have to access from the imaginBank app. However, you should have no problem logging into Línea Abierta as long as you do it from a computer.
Hello a question…I switched to imaginbank…Now it is as if you have two accounts, right? Entoces to not be charged for having the normal account I have to cancel the caixa Bank is associated with the other and lose both?

La caixa online banking

There are different reasons that may lead us to want to close our bank account, it may be the fees or we may have found better conditions in another bank. In this post we explain how to close an account in La Caixa step by step.
The first step prior to closing the open account line that you have in La Caixa, is to change all the domiciliary payments that you have in it. However, in order to do so, you will have to have already opened a new account in another bank. But if you have decided to cancel your account, it is because you have already found an entity with better conditions.
Currently you cannot close a La Caixa account online, not even from the mobile application, you will have to go to the branch to carry out this operation. That is, there is no option to close a La Caixa account online.
As it happens when we want to close an account in Bankia, we will not be able to cancel the La Caixa account in another office different from the one where we opened the account, that is to say, we have to go to close the account in our usual branch.