Medici: masters of florence reparto

Medici: masters of florence reparto

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Created by Frank Spotnitz, the series will feature guest appearances by actors such as Steven Waddington, David Bradley, Valentina Carnelutti, Andy Luotto, Valentina Cervi, Giusy Buscemi, among others.
The series is a political drama that follows the rise of the Medici family and the Italian Renaissance. The Medici came to power at a time of great social and economic inequality, their bank soon leads to the creation of the middle class making them one of the most powerful families, in turn they use their power and resources to challenge traditional thinking ushering in a new era: the era of revolutionary art and science.
Set in Florence in the early 15th century, Cosimo de’ Medici is at the head of his family, a dynasty of bankers, when his father Giovanni de’ Medici dies suddenly. However, Cosimo hides a secret, his father was murdered.
Wealth and power have elevated the Medicis to a status of their own.

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Medici (en italiano: I Medici) es un drama histórico creado por Frank Spotnitz y Nicholas Meyer. La serie fue producida por las empresas italianas Lux Vide y Rai Fiction, en colaboración con Big Light Productions de Frank Spotnitz[2].
La serie se estrenó en Italia en Rai 1 el 18 de octubre de 2016[3] La serie sigue a la familia Medici, banqueros del Papa, durante la Florencia del Renacimiento. Cada temporada sigue los acontecimientos de un momento concreto de la historia de la familia explorando el panorama político y artístico de la Italia renacentista.
La primera temporada, titulada Medici: Masters of Florence, tiene lugar en 1429, año en que muere Giovanni de’ Medici, cabeza de familia. Su hijo Cosimo de’ Medici le sucede al frente del banco familiar, el más rico de Europa en aquella época, y lucha por conservar su poder en Florencia. La segunda temporada, titulada Médicis: los magníficos, tiene lugar 20 años después y cuenta la historia del nieto de Cosimo, Lorenzo de’ Medici (conocido como el Magnífico). La tercera, que completa la historia de Lorenzo, se estrenó en la Rai 1 de Italia el 2 de diciembre de 2019.

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These new episodes focus on Lorenzo the Magnificent, played by Daniel Sharman (Fear the Walking Dead), as well as the Pazzi conspiracy led by Jacopo Pazzi, played by the iconic Sean Bean (Broken).
With the prospect of a prosperous marriage in the making and alongside his brother Giuliano (Bradley James) and his friend the artist Sandro Botticelli (Sebastian De Souza), Lorenzo is tasked with defending his family’s honor and keeping afloat the foundations of the artistic revolution started by his ancestors: the vision of a Florence at the center of world culture and economy.
But every revolution has its enemies. The echoes of war reach Florence. Under the complicit gaze of the newly appointed Pope Sixtus IV, the family led by Jacopo Pazzi (Bean) will lead the capital of culture into one of the bloodiest chapters of its history.
Historically, Lorenzo was the greatest of the Medici. For this reason, the series is going to dedicate 2 full seasons to him, eight episodes of one hour each: This second to premiere this Wednesday, October 24 on Movistar Seriesmania, one day after its premiere in his native Italy, and with new episodes every Wednesday, and a third to premiere already in 2019.

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The worst thing is that the engine that moves this first season is totally fictitious and fruit of the imagination of the series creator, Frank Spotnitz, who at least has had the gall to recognize in several interviews that Juan de Medici did not die murdered, it is a narrative concession that the script is given. If anyone reads these words, let them watch the series with an open mind, because it is not a bad series, it is watchable, but keep in mind that almost all of it is historical fiction. As historical fiction is the decision at the end of the season (SPOILER) to violently kill Cosimo’s brother, Lorenzo de Medici.
The best thing, without a doubt, is the very careful production. You can’t expect anything less from an English series. The setting, with scenes shot in Florence itself, the costumes, the makeup, everything is fabulous. The form, well, it doesn’t fail. It fails, in my opinion, the content, with several errors that weigh down the series.
Not that the series is bad, but I expected more from a series that focuses on the fascinating Italian Renaissance and that is going to tell the life of the family that did more for the rebirth of culture in the West: The Medici. We will see if the series stretches until the arrival of the great Medici. Lorenzo the Magnificent and manages to correct some of the mistakes I mention, because it has the potential to be better.