Huawei p30 lite media markt

Huawei p30 lite media markt

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Huawei often launches 3 different versions of a smartphone on the market: Without a name suffix, they are “base models” that are nevertheless equipped with many features like a fingerprint scanner or expandable memory.
The processor is the smartphone’s central processing unit – so it is the most important component. Huawei relies on the self-produced Kirin processors. For example, the extremely fast Kirin 990 is used in the P40 Pro: With 8 cores (also called octa-core), a clock rate of 2.8 GHz, and 8 GB of working memory, everything works extremely fast, smoothly, and without waiting times when operating the phone.

Huawei p30 lite price in germany

22.05.2021 – Currently, the Huawei P40 lite can be found at Amazon, Saturn and Mediamarkt starting at 161 Euros, but depending on the color and version, the prices are sometimes around 200 Euros. The Huawei P49 lite E is available for 139 Euros.
24.10.2020 – The price of the Huawei P40 lite has dropped further on Amazon and is now only 179 Euros. Saturn and Mediamarkt list the models starting at 209 Euros (depending on the color version). The Huawei P40 lite E even costs only 123 Euros.
05.10.2020 – The Huawei P40 lite remains under 200 Euros this week – Saturn and Mediamarkt offer it starting at 199 Euros. At Saturn, the Huawei P40 lite E has even been lowered in price and now costs only 124.77 Euros.
19.09.2020 – The Huawei P40 lite has become significantly cheaper again this week and only costs 164 euros at Amazon. Saturn and Mediamarkt, on the other hand, have slightly lower prices at best – here you can find the models starting at 229 Euros.
04.07.2020 – Due to the reduction in VAT, you can get the Huawei P40 lite without a cell phone contract from 281.72 Euros at Saturn and Mediamarkt. However, Amazon is even significantly cheaper and currently offers the smartphones from 223.88 Euros.

Huawei p30 lite 128gb preis

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