Aula virtual colegio montesion

Aula virtual colegio montesion

Activities to celebrate father’s day (virtual or face-to-face)

Page 1 of 7 E.7.10. STRATEGIC PLAN OBJECTIVES COURSES 2015 TO 2019 Page 2 of 7 STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 1 GUARANTEE THE IDENTITY OF THE CENTER To advance in the identification of the educational community with
WELCOMING PLAN In the end it is the relationships with people that give meaning to life. Guillermo Vom Humboldt 983556194 FAX 983556224 CONTENTS 1. JUSTIFICATION 2. PARTICIPANTS 3. ADDRESSEES 4.
I. The organization of school and extracurricular time will be based on the following principles: Respect for the characteristics of the student body (age, educational needs, learning rhythms and others.).
CEIP LOS DRAGOS SCHOOL PLAN COURSE 2017-18 ORGANIZATIONAL SCOPE The basic objective of the dining room service, taking into account its social and educational character, will be based on the following principles: I. The organization of school and out-of-school time will be based on the following principles

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Some schools, such as Colegio San José de Valladolid, have opted to send homework weekly and schedule it on a daily basis. Others, such as Colegio San Ignacio de Loyola de Alcalá de Henares, send it daily. In addition, the Physical Education department has posted some videos with exercises to work on at home.
Informing parents well is essential during these days. The quarantine touches us all and making things easier for them is also part of our way of proceeding. At the Montesion school in Palma de Mallorca, in addition to the letters sent to families, this news was published with the corresponding measures adopted inviting, of course, to stay at home: #QuedauACasa.
Teachers are also living this situation of enormous exceptionality. This is the case, for example, of the teachers of Colegio San José in Villafranca de los Barros (Badajoz). This week they have had a telematic meeting to organize a work plan specially designed for the moment we are living. After that, of course, the families are informed in order to ask for their collaboration, to make it easy and to ask them to stay calm. Our schools do not abandon our families.

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Las cosas se están calentando tanto dentro como fuera del BIC Sant Agustí esta semana, ya que nos acercamos a las últimas semanas del trimestre. A medida que la temperatura sigue subiendo, los niños parecen esforzarse cada vez más en todas sus actividades en el colegio. Tenemos un aprendizaje muy divertido en todo el colegio y está previsto que continúe hasta el final del trimestre. No pierdas de vista este espacio.
La semana comenzó con los niños donando su dinero a una de nuestras organizaciones benéficas, Montesion Solidaria. Recaudamos 150 euros que la organización benéfica utilizará muy bien. Los voluntarios vendrán al colegio el año que viene para explicarnos con más detalle la organización benéfica.
También hemos celebrado nuestro concurso BIC BIG Green – ¡vaya, había tantos trabajos que literalmente no podía entrar en mi oficina! Los trabajos eran de un nivel muy alto y los niños se habían esforzado mucho en sus obras de arte. Los ganadores están en las fotos de abajo, pero me gustaría dar las gracias a todos los que participaron, haciendo que el concurso fuera tan emocionante para todos y también para aprender sobre el medio ambiente. Esto formó parte de nuestro Día Mundial del Medio Ambiente el lunes, cuando los niños participaron en actividades sobre la naturaleza. Un gran agradecimiento a la madre de Harry por proporcionar actividades para este proyecto.

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The projection of these titles will facilitate among young people the debate on different themes such as sacrifice, overcoming, hope, loneliness, suffering, welcoming refugees, war, poverty, waste, forgiveness or the encounter with Christ. Thus, the Spiritual Film Week aims to continue to fulfill its objective: to evangelize in Christian values and encourage initiatives for dialogue with adolescents and young people, who are its main target audience. The previous edition reached 120,000 spectators from 46 dioceses.