Delfin asturiano paco sanz

Delfin asturiano paco sanz

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Paco Sanz, son of Lorenzo Sanz and former player of Real Oviedo among other teams, suffers from cancer and will have to undergo the relevant treatment to try to overcome the cursed disease. This was announced by his brother Lorenzo, who took advantage of social networks to ask for all possible support for him.
Paco himself, in an interview to the Ideal, also wanted to show his strength before the personal challenge that lies ahead to overcome this disease. “I’m going to fight like a wild boar. No drama, we will get through this. It’s just one more stone”.
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Cowden syndrome

Now, the Court fixed at 36,918 euros (of the allegedly 260,000,000 thousand swindled) the amount that will have to be returned to the twenty plaintiffs, among them the actor Santi Rodríguez, the comedian José Mota or the presenter of the television program “Hermano Mayor”, Pedro García Aguado.
During this period of time, Paco Sanz made people believe, through social networks and the media, that his disease was “very serious”, so he created a web page in which he exaggerated the symptoms of his disease with the aim of “moving people” so that they would donate money to him and thus finance a supposed treatment in the United States.

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Francisco José Sanz González de Martos, known as Paco Sanz, will sit from next Monday in the dock of the accused of the Audiencia de Madrid for pretending to have more than 2,000 tumors to defraud, among whose victims are the comedian José Mota, the actor Santi Rodríguez and the youtuber AuronPlay.
In 2009, he was diagnosed with ‘Cowden’s Syndrome’, a disease of genetic origin of those classified as ‘rare’ and characterized by the appearance of a series of benign tumors but without imminent life-threatening risk.
In order to give more publicity to his disease and to reach more people with the aim of obtaining more funds, the accused contacted various actors and television presenters who, “moved” by the false story he told them about his disease, agreed to collaborate with him, either through donations or by organizing charity galas to raise funds.
In particular, the comedian Santi Rodriguez organized a charity gala in Valencia on May 30, 2013 in which renowned artists participated altruistically to obtain benefits for Paco Sanz to be treated for his illness, with Santiago Rodriguez bearing all the expenses of the organization and there was also a zero row available to anyone who could not attend the gala and wished to help Francisco Sanz could do so by bank transfer.

Paco sanz delfin asturiano

The Paco Sanz case is a case starring Francisco José Sanz González de Martos, (b. Valencia, September 17, 1970)[1] known as Paco Sanz, convicted of swindling. From 2009 until March 2017, he obtained large amounts of money asking for donations after declaring that he was on the verge of death due to Cowden’s syndrome.[2][3][2][4] He was a security guard until March 2017.
Francisco José was a security guard until he was diagnosed with Cowden syndrome in 2008. Previously, he had run a gun shop owned by his family, specializing in sport shooting[3]. His father, Francisco Sanz Cancio, went on to participate in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, and was the president of the Valencian Community Shooting Federation (Fedtiroval) until 2018.[4][5][6][6]
The Cowden’s syndrome that he indicated suffering from was indeed diagnosed by the medical services of the dermatology department of the La Fe hospital in Valencia. This is a disease characterized by the appearance in different organs of a series of benign tumors (hamartomas). But in his particular case it was not at an advanced or dangerous stage and, when detected in time, he had treatment and close to his home, at the La Fe hospital in Valencia.[10] The disease was diagnosed by the medical services of the dermatology department of the La Fe hospital in Valencia.