Paraules que comencen per u

Paraules que comencen per u

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On the 18th in the middle of the afternoon, when we already had 3000 km. to go, we decided to ask the Ruzika (a lady of about 70 years old), who was collecting the stolen clothes, if it would be possible to spend the night on her land planting the tent there. Despite the fact that Catalan and Spanish are not at all alike, with the help of the «point it» (a book of drawings to mark) we began to understand each other a little, but luckily the Maja, her daughter, finally appeared. Through this 12 year old granddaughter (who studies English and French at school and who has quickly learned to speak Spanish watching South American series) we understood each other perfectly and what started as a cordial conversation on the right side, ended in a soup of Serbian delicacies to share!
What a welcoming family! La Maja, a friend of hers from school and the boys Ilija and Stefan helped us to set up the tent and then, la Ruzica invited us to have lunch: some savory muffins, egg pasta, Ajvar (a typical Balkan sauce of tomato, garlic and pebrot molot) and some of the dishes we were able to taste were some of the dishes she made herself.

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* Video summary of the Dracs match against Saint Helens. Remember that the Catalans lost 50-14 (16-10 at halftime) against the leader of the Super League. This is the cruelest defeat that the Catalans have suffered so far. You can check here the statistics of the match.
As for the age of the unemployed, all ages are concerned: Thus the under 25 years old (+ 2.5% in a quarter, +1.4 in a year), from 25 to 49 years old with an increase during the quarter and during a year respectively of 0.9% and 2.3%.
* Demonstration yesterday of the ‘Gilets Bleus’ of the CFTC in front of the prefecture.  A hundred of ‘Gilets Bleus’ went to the call of the CFTC to demonstrate in front of the prefecture, while at the Maison dels Sindicats, a meeting of the intersyndical 66 (CGT, FO, FSU, CGC, UNSA, CFTC, SOLIDAIRES and FA) was taking place. The demonstrators held a sit-in in front of the prefecture’s balconies. Their general demands were: the reminder of the rights of the citizens and the obligations of the State before the day of action and the mobilization of May 1st.

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Unit 2. POLYNOMYS, EQUATIONS AND INEQUATIONS 2.1. Division of polynomials. We can do the division between two monomials, as long as m > n. If we have to do a division of two polynomials, we will calculate the divisions
REAL FUNCTIONS. 1. The concept of function. 2. Domain and path of a function. 3. General characteristics of a function. 4. Functions defined at intervals. 5. Operations with functions. 6. Successions.
SOLUCIONARI Unit 5 Let’s start Let’s write three equations that do not have a solution in the set. Open answer. For example: a) x b) 5x 0 c) x Write three equations that have no solution in the set.
POLYNOMY A monomial is an expression of the form ax m, where the coefficient a is a real or complex name, x is an indeterminate and m is a natural name or zero. A polynomial is a finite sum of monomials,
Remember: A line is a function of the form y = mx + n, where m and n are real names. m is the slope of the line and n is the ordinate to the origin. The ordinate to the origin indicates the point of height.

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In Spanish, adjectives with subject in -i have often been transformed into adjectives that are the same in both masculine and feminine. audaz (from audax) difícil (from difficilis, difficile) incipiente (from incipiens) However, there are exceptions: adjectives that in Latin had only one ending but in Spanish have adopted a second one to express the feminine gender, as for example «agrio, agria». A second set of adjectives has an identical form for all three genders in the nominative and vocative singular.
Exemples de substantius de tema en -i De la mateixa manera que els substantius, els adjectius de la tercera declinació també es poden clasificar segons si tenen el tema en -i o en consonant; en són són exemples ingens, ingentis («enorme») i vetus, veteris («vell»), respectivament.
In order to understand the concept it is necessary to analyze the words that make it up: technology is the «science that deals with the industrial arts, in such a way that it becomes like a theory of practical industry» and the adjective digital refers to «said of the systems of transmission or processing of information in which the variables are represented by characters (often digits or numbers) of a finite repertoire».