Los hombres de paco online gratis

Los hombres de paco online gratis

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In 2005 ‘Los hombres de Paco’ premiered, a crime series that in its beginnings had a markedly comic tone. That did not take long to change to go more towards the thriller -although without ever abandoning the humor-, also knowing how to handle quite successfully the use of surprising twists to keep the viewer hooked.
Its loss of popularity led to its termination in 2010 after the broadcast of nine seasons, but now it is resurfacing with a tenth season whose first episode premieres today on Antena 3 before becoming exclusive to ATRESplayer Premium for a while. For my part, I’ve already had the opportunity to watch the first episode and I’ve been quite satisfied with it.
One thing that should be made clear is that the tenth season of ‘Los hombres de Paco’ completely ignores the disconcerting supernatural twist that was bet on in the ninth to try to return to what had previously defined the series, that is, the team led by Paco using unconventional methods to solve cases that a priori should be impossible for them.

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Although its plot promised to be a hilarious comedy series, soon the production drastically changed its style and, although there was still comedy, the series began to have large doses of drama and situations of the most bloody and surreal, later evolving into an absurd nonsense. This is Los hombres de Paco 66.6, when the series became satanic.
With the idea of giving the series another chance, Antena 3 aired the remaining episodes of the first season and the second season in a row, changing the course of Los hombres de Paco in season 2 so gradually that the audience hardly noticed it, combining very surreal situations with other especially serious and more plausible ones. A curious formula that ended up working particularly well, especially thanks to the violent cliffhangers they threw in to keep viewers interested.
Thus, the audience became more and more interested in the plots narrated in Los hombres de Paco, having among the main ones the forbidden love story of Lucas and Sara, Paco’s daughter. But as the seasons progressed, the seriousness and drama became stronger and stronger, showing an interesting plot line about a case of police corruption that revealed dark secrets of the protagonist’s past.

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