Vans off the wall logo

Vans off the wall logo

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The history of Vans is incredible. From its beginnings in California to the most famous collaborations, JD Sports tells you all about it! Read on to learn more about this legendary brand that changed the history of streetstyle.
Paul’s idea was to create a modern silhouette, inspired by the Converse Chuck Taylor. That’s how the first Vans #44, now better known as Vans Authentic, were born. Then came the store. The idea of the store was that his brother Jim and he would be in charge of both manufacturing and sales. The slogan? Well, something good and beautiful. «Canvas shoes for the whole family,» to be more specific.
As a skater brand par excellence, the Vans logo is a skateboard. It’s no coincidence that the brand originated in California, the birthplace of surfing. It is said that, in the California of the early 70s, there were no waves high enough to surf. Someone came up with the idea of putting wheels on the boards, and so the pioneers who first surfed in the water began to roll down the streets. At the time, barefoot skateboarding was not uncommon, but Vans set to work to create a slip-resistant sole suited to the needs of skateboarders.

Vans off the wall logo vector

Con sede en California, Vans es una empresa de renombre que fabrica ropa y calzado deportivo. Se fundó en 1966, cuando los hermanos Paul Van Doren y James Van Doren, junto con Gordon C. Lee, abrieron una pequeña fábrica de zapatos y una tienda minorista. También dirigían la fábrica y supervisaban todo el proceso de producción. En 2004, Vans fue adquirida por la conocida VF Corporation.
Es bastante difícil imaginar el skateboarding sin las zapatillas de skate Vans. Considerado como el fabricante número uno de ropa y calzado deportivo, Vans se ha convertido en una marca global y hoy en día incluso patrocina otros eventos como el snowboard, el surf y el BMX.
Paul Van Doren se crió en Boston. Antes de llegar al octavo grado, dejó la escuela para seguir sus otras pasiones, como las carreras de caballos y otras cosas que les gustaban a los chicos de 14 años en la década de 1940.
Dejar la escuela molestó tanto a la madre de Paul que lo llevó a Randy’s, una fábrica de zapatos que era su lugar de trabajo. Allí, Paul consiguió un trabajo barriendo el suelo y haciendo zapatos. Nadie sabía que esto iba a moldear y guiar el futuro del joven. Paul trabajó en la fábrica durante 20 años, ascendiendo en el escalafón hasta convertirse en vicepresidente ejecutivo de la empresa.

Vans logo vector

The shelves were full of empty boxes, so the 12 customers who came in were told to choose their colors and they could pick up the sneakers, freshly made, in the afternoon. When the customers returned, Paul and the three partners realized they didn’t even have money for change…so they handed the slippers to the customers and politely asked them to come back the next day to pay.
MISSION; conceived in Southern California, VANS became the authentic skate and action sports footwear brand with a clear and unwavering mission to represent and embody the creativity, self-expression and coolness of this culture.
SWOT analysis, also known as SWOT or SWOT analysis, is a tool to study the situation of a company, institution, project or person, analyzing its internal characteristics and its external situation in a square matrix.
This first logo is the one used by Vans for their youtube account, where they upload videos with the brand’s news. In this case they use the Law of Proximity because we tend to perceive objects and shapes that are close to each other as if they belonged to the same group, our brain generates this association to facilitate our perception of objects and create contours where in principle they do not exist.

Vans history

The Vans Old Skool Authentic are the retro sneakers with a lot of history, made of textile material and aimed equally at men and women. Although they were born as a response to the needs of skateboarders, they have become a true benchmark of today’s vintage fashion.
Their eclectic and timeless character makes them absolutely combinable, as they can be integrated in a casual urban look or in a denim style, as well as in more elegant and elegant fashion proposals.
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