Taxpayers who receive the letter from the Regional Treasury informing them that the proposed tax return has been made will receive the individualized Secure Verification Code with which they can process the registration in the [email protected] system without the need to physically go to an office.
It should be remembered that this system is already available in most of the electronic services, both of the Foral and State Administrations, and that its use is being extended to the autonomous communities and local entities.

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Order HAC/177/2020, of February 27, which approves form 140, for the application for early payment of the deduction for maternity of the Personal Income Tax and regulates the communication of variations affecting the right to its early payment.View consolidated text
Since its entry into force, Order EHA/394/2011, of February 21, which approves form 140, for the application for early payment and communication of variations of the deduction for maternity of the Personal Income Tax, has been in force without having undergone modifications until the approval of this order.
Secondly, as regards the content of the application, the important improvements in the volume and quality of the information with tax significance supplied to the Tax Administration allow for a simplification of the form in order to achieve greater ease and simplicity in its completion, which will be of benefit to taxpayers. In particular, as regards the communication of variations affecting the monthly payment of the maternity deduction, the cases in which the taxpayer must communicate such variations to the Tax Agency are reduced.

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Meanwhile, under a large plastic-covered scaffolding, the 3D printer works tirelessly and unusually quietly on a construction site. BOD2 is a high-precision cement dispenser that moves through the air thanks to a mobile platform, following the instructions detailed by a computer (including holes for wiring, insulation and piping). Each pass of the printer makes the wall grow by exactly two centimeters of a cement specially designed for this project. Only two operators are needed to operate this giant printer. A camera records the printer’s work at all times.
Its manufacturer, the Danish company COBOD, claims that it is the fastest 3D printer for construction in the world. However, in Germany’s first 3D-printed house, the builders have taken it more slowly, as they want to analyze how the process works and gain experience, in terms of efficiency and excellence, with a view to scaling up their bet.

Lec004. practice ii. form 650 inheritance tax

On Monday, April 18, the payment of the proposed returns that are to be refunded will be made. Around 120,700 proposals fall into this category and the expected refund is 71.9 million Euros.  As for the collections, for the tax returns in which the result is ‘payable’ to the Treasury, they will take place on Monday, July 1 and Monday, November 21.  Nearly 50,000 proposed returns are in this situation, with an amount of 36.6 million euros. Approximately 9,600 other returns have a zero tax liability.
The Treasury solves tax doubts through the telephone number 948 505152, from Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm (ID card and PIN required). And in its web page it offers a dozen of procedures on line (management of the PIN, printing of declarations, etc).
Those who have earned income of 11,250 euros gross or more; those who have income from movable capital and capital gains, subject to withholding tax of 1,600 euros gross or more; and those who receive other income (businessmen and professionals, landlords…) regardless of the amount, are obliged to file the IRPF return.

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