Manteca de cacahuete mercadona

Manteca de cacahuete mercadona

Manteca de cacahuete mercadona 2020

Peanut butter or peanut butter is one of the most energetic foods that exist. It is usually used as breakfast or snacks, but in the world of fitness, thanks to its energy contribution is an indispensable product for stages of muscle gain.
Mercadona has recently (September 2019) released a hacendado peanut butter, with much healthier ingredients than those of the competition and at a much lower price. Below we analyze this peanut butter in depth.
The jar is 475 gr of pure peanut butter, something very difficult to see in “commercial” products in supermarkets but also in specialized nutrition stores where in theory you can find healthier foods but much more expensive. In this case to the quality of the product must be added its low price. Do you want to know which is…? ⬇️
The price of Mercadona’s peanut butter jar is 3 Euros, which makes it not only one of the healthiest and richest, but also one of the cheapest peanut creams on the market. For example, its great competitor: the cream of the brand Captain Peanut, the jar costs 4 Euros, has only 30 gr more (510 gr) and is of much worse quality.

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