Herrera en la onda beatriz ramos puente

Herrera en la onda beatriz ramos puente

Herrera en al onda – beatriz ramos puente to carlos herrera

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Herrera en la onda beatriz ramos puente del momento

Beatriz Ramos Puente is the true representative of the people. I am going to make up (yes, make up) some questions and answers, so that you can see more or less what the subject is about. The examples would be the following:
The lifelong Ramos Puente’s go a long way. The Ramos Puente is a victim of Herrera’s joke, and becomes a section of the program in itself. If you are listening to Herrera you cannot miss this moment in the life of the Ramos Puente family.
Of course, the funny thing is that the Ramos Puente, of the Ramos Puente family, when Elena Gijón’s news program arrives, enters in the smoke of “Lluvia de Estrellas”, and Bertín Osborne, she comes out waving and becomes Beatriz Ramos, a journalist informer.
Admit it: when Elena Gijón says: “I don’t know what, Beatriz Ramos reports”, we all shout in our hearts: “Ramos Puente!” and “¡de toda la vida!” How nice when I discovered today’s radiochip…. It is from May 2012. They argue on air about whether it’s just Ramos or Ramos Puente. Radiochip Ramos Puente:

Herrera en la onda beatriz ramos puente online

I have always liked listening to the radio. And, although I have had preferences, with the radio it happens to me as with the press: I like to listen to stations of any tendency to be able to contrast opinions and draw my own conclusions.
Well, in this program, Mr. Herrera greeted a collaborator, Beatriz Ramos Puente, who was returning from maternity leave. Mr. Herrera reproached her, with his usual jocular tone, for having joined her vacation days with those of maternity leave (enjoying them one after the other). It was the typical comment that is made “half in jest, half in earnest”, and that masks a serious comment with the appearance of a joke. I didn’t think it was appropriate for a communicator who is listened to by so many people to say something like that. It was a sexist comment, it was out of place and, above all, out of season.
With PON, I am with PON and with you, he is not a saint of my devotion either, which must be reciprocal, he has us Basques in his sights… well, there he goes! “You will know them by their deeds” I said! Greetings!

Herrera en la onda beatriz ramos puente en línea

Here is the list of the most listened audios of Más de uno this season. From the interviews to Alfonso Guerra to Manuel Valls, passing through the listeners’ opinions about communions or their favorite books.
3.- Continuing with the current news, the interview with the former French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, in which he assessed the situation in Catalonia, has become the most listened to of the program during the month of November.
Alsina’s monologue on the Friday before 1-O, entitled “A part of the Catalans have decided that against feelings there is no room for reasons”, became one of the most disseminated contents through social networks during those days.
The special produced on the occasion of the anniversary of the release of Ortega Lara and Cosme Delclaux, has been one of the contents that the audience liked the most. Specifically, the audio in which Carlos Alsina recalled how the news of Ortega Lara’s freedom was told in 1997.
The Galletas Gullón factory in Aguilar de Campoo (Palencia) hosted today (19/4) the broadcast of Onda Cero’s morning magazine, ‘Más de Uno’, presented by Carlos Alsina and Juan Ramón Lucas. The broadcast started [read all] [read all

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