Guadalajara.cita previa extranjeria

Guadalajara.cita previa extranjeria

Appointments for nie processing

This procedure will allow you to select the procedure you wish to carry out at the corresponding office.    The service is available from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm. Therefore, you will be able to request an appointment at the time that suits you best, just by presenting your online appointment reservation and your Identity Card or passport.
At the Governor’s Office, there are three offices that will be able to assist you with your requests. The office of Aníbal Pinto 442, in front of the square receives income, for those who begin their migratory processes in our country, tourists, refugees and crew members.
And finally the office of Parts, in Aníbal Pinto 442 in the Governor’s Office of Concepción, second floor, where information is delivered, you can make inquiries about the status of your process and the status of delivery of your Permanent Stay.

How to make an online appointment for nie fingerprinting in guadalajara.

The foreigners who need it will be able to carry out immigration procedures in Guadalajara at the office of Avenida del Ejercito. Depending on the procedure, you will have to go to one office or another. Remember that, for certain procedures, it may be mandatory to request an appointment, either by internet or telephone. Below you will find the address, opening hours and telephone number of the Immigration offices in Guadalajara, and the list of procedures for immigrants and foreigners that they deal with.

Farewell to requesting an appointment for alien affairs faster

Although months ago this process was done in person, once the applicant had gathered all the documentation, the truth is that nowadays this process can be done 100% online. If you decide to go in person, you must request an appointment at the Immigration Agency.
In order to carry out this procedure telematically, you must request it through this link, provided that you have a digital certificate. If you do not have it, you can contact a manager or law firm for advice.
It can be reactivated in person at the Foreigners’ Office or at the Foreigners’ Office. To reactivate the NIE in Barcelona in person, you must go to the NIE office closest to your current address.
When you go on the day you have an appointment, you will only have to hand in all the papers and wait for the person attending you to review them, give the approval to make the application and tell you how long it will take to arrive to your email or address.

Appointment for the first carjeta roja , application for

It is still possible to get an appointment for any immigration procedure that must be done in person.  And since everyone who had a scheduled appointment (now cancelled) will have preferential treatment, the delay in the formalization of your file will be notorious.  To make your appointment with the immigration office or police, you must do it online.
As you may already know, your NIE will not expire as long as you renew it within 60 days before and up to 90 days after the expiration of the card.  Thus, within that period, you will be able to renew your card telematically.
In the case of a tourist visa, the validity period is extended until the end of the state of alert. If you have a temporary residence card, it is not extended. You must renew it by telematic means.
All the procedures or applications in process will be resolved. Moreover, the idea is that they will be resolved quickly in the next few days.  Thus, if before the state of alarm began, you sent your request for residency or any other procedure, you will receive a response in the next few days. The process of review and processing of foreigners has not been paralyzed.

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