Taste of the wild gatos esterilizados

Taste of the wild gatos esterilizados

Wild felines

The best food for your cat is the one that most closely resembles its origins, that is, a carnivorous diet. The food you choose for him should have a high content of animal ingredients to meet his biological needs. The cat’s metabolism needs a good percentage of proteins and fats from meat and fish. Many cat foods are cereal-based and contain very little meat, so it is important to check their composition before choosing one.
You can also include a third type of food as a supplement: homemade food. Roast or cooked meat without bones, cooked fish without bones, pasta, rice and vegetables. Avoid canned foods and sausage, although you can give him a slice of ham from time to time.
It is not only important to know what cats eat and what foods we can safely give them, we must also know which ones are forbidden. Some of them are: milk, onions, garlic, grapes, kale, turnip greens, spinach, chard and chocolate.


Cats are fascinating animals in all their facets. They are curious, agile and intelligent. One of their most outstanding characteristics is the feeding behavior they have developed in the evolution from wild to domestic cat.
Scientifically, cats are considered a strict carnivore. The term strict carnivore refers to those animals that only eat meat. Obviously, they can consume foods of plant origin or derived from other animals, however, these foods are not essential to their diet.
Thus, the carnivorous heritage of the wild cat has meant that domestic cats have a metabolism that effectively processes high levels of protein and require these proteins in their diet to remain strong and healthy and allow their body to function metabolically.

Why cats choose a person

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How to domesticate feral cats

Like their wild cousins, your dog is a carnivore with a biological need for a diet rich and varied in fresh whole meats. ACANA is loaded with free-range chicken, wild-caught flounder and nest-laid eggs that are delivered FRESH in whole-prey ratios, so they’re bursting with quality and flavor. Free of grains and fast-absorbing carbohydrates such as rice, tapioca or potato, ACANA is rich in meat protein for improved muscle mass and health.