Bichon maltes en valencia

Bichon maltes en valencia

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One of the greatest charms of the Maltese Bichon are the types of haircuts we can give him. Its versatility and characteristics mean that its haircut styles depend on the enthusiasm and ingenuity of the dog groomer, since following a few basic points, a large number of hairstyles can be done.    That is why the Maltese can be adapted to practically all types of hairstyles and styles. These are some of the best haircuts for the Maltese in Valencia.
This type of hairstyle tends to be as short as possible and is always done with scissors, maintaining a minimum length of 3 centimeters in the hair to prevent it from growing curly and losing its original shape. It is important to be clear that this minimum length of 3 cm must be maintained for the welfare and health of the animal.
This type of hairstyle is one of the best haircuts for the Maltese Bichon. If the hair is left to grow, the dog will show a nice and smooth straight coat. It is one of the most popular hairstyles for the Maltese in beauty pageants. To do this, you must let the hair grow and brush it daily to maintain the necessary hygienic measures to keep it in perfect condition.

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Maltese Bichon Maltese for sale in Valencia, in our store, you can see and buy Maltese Bichon puppies at the best price and with total guarantee, in the store you can see and interact with the Bichon puppies before you buy.
We have Bichon Maltese puppies for sale in Valencia, we have for sale puppies of different breeds, in our store located in Aldaia, valencia, you can view and buy puppies Bichon Maltese, Bichon frise valencia and other breeds such as Chihuahuas and yorkshire.
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Neutering and sterilization of the Maltese Bichon The sterilization of males and females is always advisable, if you do not want to breed, to avoid future diseases. Neutering them will improve their character, since they will lose the nerves of the state of estrus. However, a neutered Maltese has a higher risk of gaining weight. To avoid this, it will be important to control the diet and provide low-calorie food and diet food for sterilized dogs of the same breed. It is also important to make sure that the animal gets plenty of exercise.

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We deliver the puppies with two months and almost half, so we can keep the maximum stages of development and can be with his mother and siblings, so they learn the language and behavior they will need to communicate with their peers throughout their lives and with the proper socialization and socialization they will need for the human, as we spend many hours with them.
We guarantee, having to pass a veterinary review so that they can put the chip and thus go to your name and we can register the puppies to obtain the pedigree, since our puppies do not carry the chip, to differentiate us from the import dogs that are obliged to carry it when crossing borders.