One world together at home

One world together at home

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Try to find two more famous players in the world of handball than the Karabatic brothers. It’s hard, isn’t it? Inseparable on the court and in their daily lives, Nikola and Luka are the biggest stars of the French national team, but they are also famous beyond their borders.
His brother is 2.03 meters tall and doesn’t have much to complain about either, because he’s also a two-time World Champion (2015, 2017) and European Champion (2014) with a team known as Les Experts. And as with his brother, his record in national competitions is on another level.
The fact that they get along so well is also due to the fact that they complement each other very well on the court. Niko is a center back, while Luka is a pivot. “We don’t compete against each other, we cooperate,” Niko explained on the Champion podcast. “We don’t play the same position, so it’s great.”
This time, Niko was unable to recover in time for the World Cup in January, but he could well play in his fifth Olympic Games. He began his comeback with PSG on May 30 and played in the Champions League Final Four with his club, where he lost in the semifinals to Danish side Aalborg.

Global citizen 2021

It was an event that marked a before and after, from which the legendary song We Are The World was taken and in which Queen gave what for many is the best performance in the history of rock music. At the time, more than 40% of the world’s population followed the broadcast, with two macro-concerts in Philadelphia (USA) and London, as well as events in other countries, which raised more than 100 million dollars.
To organize this event, the World Health Organization (WHO), the charity Global Citizen and the star Lady Gaga, ambassador of the initiative, have joined forces to bring their colleagues on board.
Lady Gaga already warned when she presented the idea: “We want to raise the money before we go on air. When we’re live, put your wallets and credit cards away and enjoy the show”.
Thus, the ambition of this new Live Aid is to unite people confined across the globe, provide a distraction and leave the responsibility of donating in the hands of big companies and world leaders. For the moment, the organizers claim to have already raised $35 million.

Together at home concert

The 7+7 plan that has been in place since June 2020 to curb the pandemic involves the population maintaining a radical quarantine for 7 days and then easing restrictions the following week. Does it work?
Recent attacks on journalists in Amsterdam and Berlin show that despite Europe’s good reputation for press freedom, European journalists are also victims of violence.
Many people flock to the site where the renowned journalist Peter R. de Vries suffered an attack that keeps him in a hospital fighting for his life. Investigations are continuing. Lucia Schulten reports from Amsterdam.
Daimler, another German auto giant that also participated in the pact but disclosed its existence, was found guilty but was not sanctioned. Volkswagen will have to pay 502 million euros and BMW some 372 million.


“We demanded that the forest be respected as our home and we made it clear that it was our decision because it is our habitat and the rights of the Wao should be respected,” says Nemonte Nenquimo (Courtesy Mitch Anderson/Amazon Frontlines).
We indigenous people are intelligent, wise, we respect Mother Earth, the spirits and the animals. We live with everyone because in the jungle there are dangerous animals or plants that kill but we know which ones we cannot continue destroying, we know how to live.
We are not seeing what each family has, as it happens in the western world. You said “Everything begins in the forest” (omere), right? yes, omere. Omere is jungle or forest. Our language is Wao Tededo. The forest is what nourishes us. What makes you happy, what gives you joy?

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