Videos del rubius de minecraft

Videos del rubius de minecraft

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Since that moment when he revealed on Youtube the anxiety he suffered, and despite announcing that he would remain active on social networks, the creator focused his efforts on bringing forward the Virtual Hero series. This anime is based on a comic of the same name that the youtuber published in 2015, which tells the story of ElRubius being a hero who must rescue other video game players trapped in a virtual universe. It was in September 2018 when the series definitely saw the light, a date that coincided with the announcement of his return to YouTube after the hiatus he made to try to placate his stress and anxiety problems.

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With that in mind, the question begs itself: what does this voxel graphics game offer to be able to arouse more interest -and passions- on YouTube than Epic’s well-known battle royale and Grand Theft Auto combined? Minecraft is the quintessential sandbox. A universe of realities with infinite possibilities, as fun to watch as it is to play, and which in 2016 sold 53,000 copies a day.
But, above all, a Pandora’s box (and surprises) in terms of experiences. So much so as to find its own – and interesting – space in the field of education and teaching. But, above all, to offer new and fun sensations to players and spectators.
As, for example, the crazy games of Rubius see the Realm created on the occasion of the sequel to Jumanji. Which, despite its appearance, is a full-fledged adventure and platforming experience. One with more than two million views at the time of writing.
Felix has created his own world, Broland, and a series with plots he calls canonical in 38 main episodes and several spin-offs. Moreover, PewDiePie indicates in his videos that he does not want to advance much offline due to the demand of his own fans. Something that, from a more pragmatic prism, translates into more than 280 million views.


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But it all started with his Skyrim game videos. One video, Skyrim – Flechipollas, was “the straw that broke the camel’s back” and then his channel grew sporadically, also thanks to his famous Chatroulette videos, until what is today ElrubiusOMG.
Ruben, Oli, Verkan and Flynn will have to face a new mission, this time in the real world, which is going to require the skill of each other to discover who the Realists are and what their real plans are.
In October 2017, Rubius announced the production of Virtual Hero [1] an anime TV series produced by Barcelona’s Motion Pictures Studio and South Korea’s Jaruyi Studio, together with Movistar+ and Zeppelin TV, based on his Virtual Hero comic. The plot will narrate the adventures of Rubius, who will have to free the hundred best gamers from Trollmask, a vengeful enemy, in a virtual world. The first part of season 1 is available from October 12.

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Rubén Doblas Gundersen (español: [ruˈβen ˈdoβlaz ˈɣundeɾsen];[5] nacido el 13 de febrero de 1990 en Mijas), más conocido por su seudónimo El Rubius o elrubiusOMG (/ˈruːbiəs/), es una personalidad hispano-noruega de YouTube cuyo canal consiste principalmente en gameplays y vlogs. Su canal cuenta actualmente con más de 9.100 millones de visualizaciones[6][7] y 39,9 millones de suscriptores[8] y es el 47º canal de YouTube con más suscripciones del mundo.
Rubén Doblas Gundersen nació el 13 de febrero de 1990 en la localidad malagueña de Mijas[13]Hijo de madre noruega, llamada Bente, y de padre español, tiene una hermana menor llamada Liv por parte de madre y dos hermanos por parte de padre[14]Cuando tenía 3 años, sus padres se divorciaron. Su madre se trasladó a Bergen con Rubén, donde volvió a formar pareja con otro español llamado Héctor, al que Rubius se refiere a menudo como El Padrino en sus vídeos. Por ello, se trasladó de nuevo a Madrid, donde cursó la primaria y la secundaria. Su primera consola fue una Super Nintendo, a lo que Rubén admitió que fue esencial para desarrollar su amor por los videojuegos y la cultura geek, y que si no hubiera sido por eso nunca habría llegado a donde está[15][16].