Sueldo profesor secundaria asturias

Sueldo profesor secundaria asturias

Salary for secondary school teachers in andalusia

For all these reasons, it is difficult to determine an exact figure. In the following article we offer you the data of the gross monthly salary of teachers and professors of all the CCAA so that you can see what the salary difference is.
The salary of teachers and professors is above average, one of the main advantages of preparing for the competitive examinations in education, in addition to the flexible hours, working conditions and professional development.
Secondary education teachers belong to subgroup A1. If we look at the graph, we can see how the salary varies according to each region. If we take the case of Andalusia as an example, we can see that the gross monthly salary is 2,4000 euros. But where does this total come from? In this case, it is the sum of the basic salary (€1,179), the destination allowance (€20) and the specific community allowance (€600).

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The complete UGT report shows the situation in each territory and the existing divergences. The union demands from the administrations, in the first place, the recovery of the loss of purchasing power of teachers’ salaries. But it also demands the reversal of the cuts, the compensation of lost rights and, later, salary increases. “A quality education system has to take care of its teachers and one way of motivation and recognition is to offer a salary in line with the responsibility assumed,” he argues.

Primary school teacher salary in catalonia

In accordance with Law 11/2020, of December 30, 2020, the pensions of State Pensioners will experience in 2021, in general, an increase of 0.9% with respect to the actual amount in 2020.
For more detailed and updated information on pensions of the State Passive Class Regime, you can obtain the forms to apply for such benefits; know the regulations that govern them, as well as the administrative procedure that is followed for their recognition or calculate the amount of your future pension, if you are a civil servant close to retirement or retirement. In the following link:

Sueldo profesor secundaria madrid

Leaving out of this comparison the islands and Ceuta and Melilla -because of their special characteristics they include an extra complement of residence-, Euskadi, Castilla-La Mancha and Navarra are the communities that pay their teachers the best, with differences of up to 20% with respect to Asturias or Aragón. Among the three regions with the worst salaries, Catalonia and Madrid, two of the regions with the highest cost of living, stand out.
In the secondary corps, the same two autonomous communities open and close the table. In the Basque Country a teacher earns 2,876.11 euros gross per month (the study excludes extra pay and triennia), one Asturian 2,328.53, a difference of 550 euros each month (19.1% less).
A newly hired secondary school teacher earns about 1,800 euros net per month (it should be remembered that the UGT information is gross salaries, without bonuses and without triennia), which will rise to 2,300 at the end of his or her professional career.