Sueldo auxiliar administrativo sanidad valencia

Sueldo auxiliar administrativo sanidad valencia

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The examination fees will be 15.66 euros and will be paid at any of the collaborating banks listed in the application form. The payment of the fee will be justified by means of the appropriate voucher that the bank will issue according to the payment method chosen by the applicant.
Failure to justify the payment of the examination fees will result in the exclusion of the applicant, unless one of the following circumstances is present and is stated in the application form.
It will consist of a written answer to a questionnaire of 90 questions, on common subjects included in Annex I of the call (general part), with four alternative answers of which only one of them will be correct.
To pass the competitive examination phase it will be necessary to obtain a minimum of 32.5 points, a score that will be determined by the sum of the scores obtained in each of the two exercises to be carried out by the candidates.

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UGT opposes the centralization of the Emergency Information and Coordination Centers (CICUS)10-05-2021 Health, Social and Health Services and DependenceUGT wants to express its total disagreement with the intention of the Ministry of Health to centralize the CICUS of the 3 provinces in Valencia.
Published in the DOGV of today, May 7, the resolutions of May 3, 2021 of the Director General deRecursos Romanian, by which permanent statutory staff are appointed to the applicants approved in the competition-public entrance examination for the CICUS of the 3 provinces of Valencia…Read More
UGT wants a new Law for a new Vocational Training. Proposals and suggestions.26-04-2021 Health, socio-health services and dependenceThe Government has started the participative process for the elaboration of the new Vocational Training Law, both in the field of Vocational Training of the Educational System and in the Vocational Training for Employment referred to the…Read More
Last Monday, April 12, the three organizations that hold the majority in the Table of the Scope of the Ministry of Health sent a letter to the Ministry requesting the activation of the working groups committed to update the new Vocational Training…Read More

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The selective tests by the competitive examination system will consist of the celebration of each one of said phases, in order to determine the aptitude of the applicants and to establish the order of priority of the same for the selection.
The exercise will consist of answering in writing, within 63 minutes, a questionnaire of 50 questions on the content of the 33 topics included in Annex I. The questionnaire will be a multiple-choice test in the form of questions with four answers, only one of which will be correct.
Payment in installments: if they buy from the 1st to the 15th of a given month, the first installment is paid at that time and the second installment is charged the following month. If the purchase is made between the 16th and the 30th, the first installment is paid at that time and the second installment the following month.

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On April 6 has been published in the DOCV the agreement which gives publicity to the remuneration tables for all 2016 of the staff in the service of the Generalitat and its autonomous bodies and includes:
Different remunerations are maintained because they have been respected after the integration of local health workers, staff of the deputations, staff of military hospitals, INSALUD… in the health system of the Conselleria, so that while they do not retire they charge different. These positions are extinguished as the local health services of doctor, practitioner and midwife (called public home care, APD) and the competitions to be convened will be governed by the statutory staff pay tables. But as long as they exist, there will be these types of personnel:
– civil servant personnel of the Social Security Administration, transferred to the Valencian Community by Royal Decree 1612/87, of 27 November and management positions of open Institutions, to which Royal Decree-Law 3/87 does not apply.