Oposiciones subinspector de trabajo opiniones

Oposiciones subinspector de trabajo opiniones

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Hello Rebeca! I am writing to you with a purpose: please give me some encouragement! I have been told that the subinspection is deadly, that for a group B exam it’s a big deal because the topics are very long, is that true? How do you see them? To get an idea, how many pages on average is each topic?
The Subinspeccion de trabajo are very hard to be a B, but there is a more bleeding case: Tecnico de Hacienda that are 91 topics plus all the accounting and financial mathematics apart, that in topics that can not be measured because it will be like 5-6 files A_Z full of exercises and problems. Entry level of a Treasury Technician (Subinspector of Treasury also called so) is 20 and the salary 220,000 pts,at least the Subinspectors of employment enter at a level 23 or 24 as I understand.TO EVERYTHING THERE IS WHO WINS,IN GENERAL OF THE GROUPS B THE ADMINISTRATION LAUGHS ‘BECAUSE IT DEMANDS A LOT FROM US AND PAYS US A SHIT.
I have been preparing for them for a little longer than most of you, in fact I have already failed the first exam once… I had been preparing for them for a couple of months so I had little chance. Anyway, I am preparing them alone so it is a pleasure to have this forum, because I think we are going to need a lot of support.

Diplomat position

As regards its organization and structure, Royal Decree 192/2018, of April 6, approves the statutes of the Autonomous Body State Agency Labor and Social Security Inspection.
In accordance with Law 23/2015, of July 21, 2015, Regulating the Labor and Social Security Inspection System, the Labor and Social Security Inspectors have competence in labor relations, occupational risk prevention, Social Security, employment, migrations (foreign labor and migratory movements) and technical assistance.
The Labor Sub-Inspectors belonging to the Occupational Safety and Health Scale are responsible for occupational risk prevention, specifically with respect to monitoring compliance with regulations in aspects that directly affect material working conditions, legal-technical regulations with an impact on occupational risk prevention, the execution of ITSS preventive action programs derived from the analysis of the occupational accident rate and, derived from inspection activities, the performance of advisory and information functions for employers and workers.

Opposition subinspector of labor

:::: –> Edited on : 20/10/2014 12:33:48:::: –> Reason : Estetica.Saludos a todos.I start this thread for all those brave people who are going to start the arduous path of the opposition and in particular for the Corps of Inspectors of Labor and Social Security. I would like to ask you about the topics, exams, study time, preparers, experiences and in general any questions about this type of competition. We can do it! Let’s start!
Good Akeman, I am considering starting this new stage and I would love to find people with whom to share everything you propose, but first I have to find a reliable agenda, hehehehe.I have no intention of going academy for the moment, so what I have proposed is simply sink your elbows, … and that’s just a saying, because I have to get in tune.You already have agenda?preparer?Thanks.
Good morning! I’m new to this, I’ll tell you my situation. I am finishing the last year of Law and among all the possibilities one of the main ones is the opposition. First of all, I would like you to inform me about the main difference between inspector and subinspector, it is not clear to me. Thank you very much 🙂

Oposiciones subinspector de trabajo opiniones en línea

* All the opinions about the Online Course in Labor Law Counseling, here compiled, have been filled in voluntarily by our students, through a form that is attached to all of them, along with the materials, or at the end of their course in our Online campus, in which they are invited to leave us their impressions about the course.
This Course in Labor Law Counseling deals with counseling in the world of work, which is a professional field that requires an increasing degree of specialization. The professional practice of labor counseling requires an in-depth knowledge of the basics of labor law and of the different processes in which it has to intervene.
The COURSE in Labor Legal Consultancy will provide the student with the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge that will allow him/her for a quality professional practice, which responds to the needs of the present time. The Course in Labor Legal Consultancy adapted to both the Labor Reform and the Entrepreneurs Law of 2014, will present the basics of labor consultancy, cultivating the specific competences that a labor advisor must have.

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