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Crazy stupid love filmaffinity

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“‘Crazy Stupid Love’ is a tender romantic comedy about good people (…) The strength of the film is that, being archetypical in structure, it takes a little more care of its characters (…) Score: ★★★★ (out of 4)”
“A humorous morality tale of daring appearance, remarkable comedy and rather conservative background. (…) the pair of directors pull the comic thread until they become tragic, and the tragic thread until they reach the comic.”
“The film bets on an unusual blackness and acidity (…). However, as the different stories progress, the narrative adopts a more sentimental, concessive, demagogic and reassuring tone.”
“Even visiting common and well-known places of romantic comedy, the first part of the film works and offers more than one highly enjoyable moment. The problem is that there is a point at which it feels like the theater has switched movies.”
“The film has a good construction, certain more or less obvious subplots and a beginning, (…) But little by little everything transforms, turns towards the conventional, what we are used to see and hear.”

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It benefits, yes, from an excellent group of actors, including Steve Carell (always much better when he doesn’t play the fool than when he does), the always excellent Julianne Moore and Analeigh Tipton, very natural and providing freshness in abundance.
I really liked this movie. The day I saw it I didn’t really expect much from it, I thought it would be one more of these effective but repetitive American comedies. But it surprised me, and I liked the surprise. The truth is that this film by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa combines very effectively humor and drama in a film that talks about various relationships or attempted relationships between people of different ages, a recurring theme in cinema but this case treated in a different and entertaining way. It has some great comic scenes.

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Crazy, Stupid, Love. es una película de comedia romántica estadounidense de 2011 dirigida por Glenn Ficarra y John Requa, escrita por Dan Fogelman y protagonizada por Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Julianne Moore, Emma Stone, Marisa Tomei y Kevin Bacon. Sigue a un hombre recién separado que busca redescubrir su hombría y al que se le enseña a ligar en los bares.
La película fue estrenada en Estados Unidos por Warner Bros. Pictures el 29 de julio de 2011, recaudando más de 142 millones de dólares frente a su presupuesto de 50 millones. Gosling fue nominado al Globo de Oro al Mejor Actor – Película Musical o Comedia por su interpretación.
En la graduación de octavo grado de Robbie, éste es el salutatorian y da un discurso pesimista sobre cómo ya no cree en el amor verdadero y las almas gemelas. Cal lo detiene y, en su lugar, comienza a relatar su noviazgo con Emily al público, diciendo que, aunque no sabe si las cosas funcionarán, nunca se dará por vencido con Emily. Con una fe renovada, Robbie reafirma su amor por Jessica, ante los aplausos del público. Tras la ceremonia, Cal da su bendición a Jacob y Hannah. Jessica le da a Robbie un sobre con las fotos de ella desnuda que originalmente estaban destinadas a Cal para que “pasara por el instituto”. Cal y Emily se ríen hablando de los acontecimientos que han sucedido el año pasado, y observándolos desde lejos, Robbie sonríe con optimismo.

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Cal, on the other hand, realizes that he still loves his wife and decides to fight for her love. He sets up a mini golf course in his backyard to simulate the day they fell in love. Things go wrong when just then Jacob arrives with Hanna, who turns out to be Cal and Emily’s daughter. Cal doesn’t accept that his daughter is dating a hard-core conqueror and won’t accept the relationship. Everything gets worse when Jessica’s father arrives, who after discovering the photos of his daughter believes that Cal is having an affair with her. The misunderstanding increases when David arrives and gives Emily his sweatshirt from when she was with him and Jacob hits him for Cal. It all ends in a fight between Jacob, Cal, David and Jessica’s father, which is broken up by the police. After the fight, Robbie reveals to his parents that he loves Jessica, while she reveals that she loves Cal. After the confrontation Cal is kicked out of his house.
On Robbie’s graduation day, Robbie speaks in front of his entire school that love now seems like a fraud to him, since Jessica doesn’t love him. However, his speech is interrupted by Cal, who talks about true love and how he met Emily. Cal’s words encourage Robbie, who discovers that despite everything he still loves Jessica. On leaving the ceremony, Cal apologizes and reconciles with his family, while Robbie talks to Jessica and asks if they can be friends. She replies with “I love you” and hands him an envelope with her photographs. Cal, for his part, ends up approving of his daughter’s relationship with Jacob. The film ends with Emily, approaching Cal to thank him for buying ice cream for her on their first date, as Robbie watches them in the background.